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The company, which has developed the unique combined product REPROMAN®, cooperates with leading medical facilities which specialise in the reproductive medicine area. Further research is already performed at selected workplaces to verify effectiveness of the preparation.

Ongoing studies

Clients of assisted reproduction centres with repeated pathological results in their spermiogram are enrolled to the study. Spermiogram is determined according to the WHO 2021 standard.

Clients use REPROMAN® for 6 months according to dosage recommended by the manufacturer. A follow-up spermiogram is performed after 6 months and efficacy of the product is evaluated.

The result will be based on comparison of individual parameters before administration of the product and after 6 months of the combined product use.

We monitor:

  • Ejaculate volume.
  • Total sperm count.
  • Sperm concentration.
  • Sperm motility, incl. the number of progressively motile sperm.

The results will be published after the study is completed. Interim results show that the use of REPROMAN® significantly improves the sperm quality and quantity.